A Note From The Founder

The truth is, I never was the type to take care of my skin when I was younger. My mother was in the beauty industry pretty much her whole life, and I remember her constantly reminding me to take better care of my skin. For me though, honestly, I just couldn’t be bothered. My mother’s skin looked great, so I just figured it was genetic and I’d be fine. Then out of nowhere (or so it seemed) it caught up to me. I hit my thirties and suddenly my skin started showing age; wrinkles, dry skin, uneven tone, and I had larger pores and breakouts.

I know what you’re thinking – I should have listened to my mother. And yes, I should have!

For the first time in my life I was ready to get serious about taking care of my skin. Drugstore products didn't do much, so I splurged on a $200 jar of night cream. In 2003, that was a lot to spend on a 2-oz jar of cream (still is, if you ask me!). The saleswoman promised it would change my life. While it didn’t exactly change my life, it definitely was the miracle my skin needed. I honestly would have never believed that a cream in a jar could ever change my skin as much as this one did. From there on, I was a believer.

Obviously the downside to this miracle cream that made me look so good was the fact that it cost $200 for an ounce. Is good skin worth it? Yes, I believe so, but at the same time if you can get the same thing for a much more reasonable investment, wouldn’t you?  Me too — so I made it happen.

Traci Tran,
Founder & CEO, Babyface LLC.

Made in the USA!

All of our formulated skin care and hair care products are proudly made in the USA. In a market that is largely made up of imported products, Babyface chooses to make our products here, in the US, instead of importing products we can’t guarantee quality or safety on.  This allows us control over production quality, as well as ingredient quality. The end result is a higher quality product for our clients, and a few more American jobs.

Our Team

Babyface works with some of the best scientists, doctors, formulators and researchers in the industry to bring our clients the best performing skin care and hair care products available.  Whenever we can provide a product or service that is difficult for consumers to find elsewhere, we are most happy. 

Babyface was founded on the principal of quality and value – To make quality products affordable and available to everyone.

"People will stare.
We make it worth their while."

Babyface skin care model smiling