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    Night Renewal 2.5% Retinol Cream All-Trans Encapsulated (Vitamin A)

    Strongest retinol you can buy without a prescription. Promotes new cell turnover and stimulates collagen. A must-have for aging skin, but also great for those who suffer from acne, and even hair loss (stimulates new hair growth in some people).

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    Super-C Serum 20% Vitamin C High Potency C+E+Ferulic, EGF & Matrixyl 3000

    Receive the benefits of several serums in one! Babyface's "Super C" 20% Vitamin C serum is quite simply the best vitamin C serum you can buy. Extremely potent and effective, consisting of almost 100% active ingredients, it restores and protects skin for the most effective anti-aging treatment.

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    Pure Protein Hair Treatment

    Our proprietary formula penetrates deep to the hair’s core to repair the natural keratin layer. Breathe new life into damaged, thinning or fine hair, and extend your color treatments. Safe for all hair types and 100% formaldehyde free!

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    How To Determine Your Hair Type Once And For All

    How To Determine Your Hair Type Once And For All

    by Traci Tran | May 10, 2018 | dry hair, hair care, hair repair, thin hair

      Do you know what’s going on with your hair? Like, you may have a thick mane of hair but where’s the volume? Or hair that’s oily and dry at the same time and how do you balance that out? And no matter how much conditioner you use, your hair doesn’t absorb any of it. Truth bomb: just because your hair is thick, doesn’t mean it’s dense. Just because it’s thin, it doesn’t mean it’s fine, too. And just because the scalp’s oily, it doesn’t mean the ends can’t be dry. It's so confusing. Figuring out your real hair type...

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    10 Delicious Foods To Put On Your Grocery List When You're Trying To Avoid Sugar

    10 Delicious Foods To Put On Your Grocery List When You're Trying To Avoid Sugar

    by Traci Tran | May 6, 2018 | anti-aging diet, beauty food, healthy eating, sugar addiction, sugar cravings, wrinkle prevention

      Are you trying to break up with sugar but sugar won’t break up with you? Sugar is sticky. It’s literally in every food at the supermarket. Juices. Tomato sauce. Ready-made dishes… Even “healthy” foods are loaded with agave nectar, high-fructose corn syrup and sugar alternatives that are worse than the white stuff. Is nothing safe anymore? Yes - you just need to know where to look. Here are the best go-to ingredients to put on your groceries list so you can fill your pantry with everything you need to create delicious, low-sugar meals every time: 1. Berries Berries are...

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