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    Night Renewal 2.5% Retinol Cream All-Trans Encapsulated (Vitamin A)

    Strongest retinol you can buy without a prescription. Promotes new cell turnover and stimulates collagen. A must-have for aging skin, but also great for those who suffer from acne, and even hair loss (stimulates new hair growth in some people).

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    Super-C Serum 20% Vitamin C High Potency C+E+Ferulic, EGF & Matrixyl 3000

    Receive the benefits of several serums in one! Babyface's "Super C" 20% Vitamin C serum is quite simply the best vitamin C serum you can buy. Extremely potent and effective, consisting of almost 100% active ingredients, it restores and protects skin for the most effective anti-aging treatment.

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    Pure Protein Hair Treatment

    Our proprietary formula penetrates deep to the hair’s core to repair the natural keratin layer. Breathe new life into damaged, thinning or fine hair, and extend your color treatments. Safe for all hair types and 100% formaldehyde free!

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    3 Reasons Why You Should Add Sea Kelp To Your Skincare Routine

    3 Reasons Why You Should Add Sea Kelp To Your Skincare Routine

    by Traci Tran | February 6, 2018 | Dry Skin, Ingredients, Skin Care Advice

    I wonder how well Ariel's skin fared when she became human. Sebastian The Crab (who else thinks he was the best character in The Little Mermaid?) was onto something when he cautioned Ariel to stay under water. It's in the pits of the oceans that the most powerful antiaging elixir lies. Slimy seaweed may not be the most glamorous thing to slather all over your skin, but there's no doubt it works. These magnificent plants are forced to survive in extreme conditions and adapt in an ever-changing environment – in prime growth season, they can naturally regenerate at a rate...

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    How To Care For Dry Skin

    How To Care For Dry Skin

    by Traci Tran | January 26, 2018 | Dry Skin, How-Tos, Skin Care News

    The days are shorter, the temperatures have dropped and the leaves have long disappeared from the trees. Dry skin season is officially here. Of course, you can get dry skin all year round. But there’s something about this time of the year that just invites it in. As if on cue, skin starts feeling a little too tight after cleansing. Its natural glow disappears. Then, the flaking begins. Not this year. Here are the best skincare tips to prevent and treat dry skin this winter… and beyond!   Why Does Your Skin Get Dry? Rumor has it, your skin becomes...

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