Rise & Shine

    Night Renewal 2.5% Retinol Cream All-Trans Encapsulated (Vitamin A)

    Strongest retinol you can buy without a prescription. Promotes new cell turnover and stimulates collagen. A must-have for aging skin, but also great for those who suffer from acne, and even hair loss (stimulates new hair growth in some people).

    Protect & Serve

    SPF 35 Age-Defying Tinted Mineral Sunscreen, Reef Friendly Sunblock, Oil Free

    Because wearing sunblock is a non-negotiable, we present to you this fabulous oil-free formula that melts into the skin leaving a smooth matte finish without a heavy or greasy feel. Lightly tinted, it layers invisibly under makeup and refines the look of the skin.

    Great Lengths

    Pure Protein Hair Treatment

    Our proprietary formula penetrates deep to the hair’s core to repair the natural keratin layer. Breathe new life into damaged, thinning or fine hair, and extend your color treatments. Safe for all hair types and 100% formaldehyde free!

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    How To Get Rid Of Lip Wrinkles

    How To Get Rid Of Lip Wrinkles

    by Giorgia G. | March 10, 2019 | lip lines, lip wrinkles, lips, smokers lines

        They’re the sign of a happy woman. A gift left behind by smiles and laughter. But lip wrinkles don’t make you feel very happy, do they? They make you look older, the total opposite of how you feel inside and you just want to get rid of them. But no matter what you throw at them, they never seem to badge. Is there no hope? Fret not. Lip wrinkles are a tough enemy, but one you can beat. Here are the best skincare weapons to get rid of lip wrinkles:   What Causes Lip Wrinkles? All the usual...

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    The Rosacea Diet: What To Eat And What To Avoid

    The Rosacea Diet: What To Eat And What To Avoid

    by Giorgia G. | March 5, 2019 | eating for better skin, eating healthy, redness, rosacea, Skin Conditions

          It happens every time. You’re having a drink with your friends or enjoying a couple of chocolate chip cookies and, as if on cue, your skin flushes red. Your rosacea has flared up again. Rosacea’s a pain. It starts with little red cheeks and then takes over most of your face, makes your eyes swell up and gives you all sort of sensitivities. Ugh. You know it, there’s no known cure for rosacea. Topical creams and antibiotics can only soothe the symptoms. But what if you could prevent them in the first place? That’s where the Rosacea...

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